Evoluzion Generative NFT collection to be integrated in GamyFi Fantasy Games

Evoluzion Life
2 min readNov 26, 2021

The gaming industry seems to be in continuous expansion. However, this growth curve has gone exponential in the last period and the expansion of the Metaverse and VR space, together with Blockchain gaming have tremendously accelerated the public excitement. Fantasy stands at the core of all these worlds and builds a universe without boundaries, but just imagination.

However, by combining Blockchain tech, Fantasy and Metaverse, some outstanding utilities and new interactions can override the gaming industry. GamyFi has proven exactly this through its Fantasy Games: the team has combined NFTs, Gamification, play to earn and gaming into one exciting platform full of entertaining challenges.

The GamyFi — Evoluzion collaboration is based upon delivering further on these premises by integrating virtual worlds, characters and NFT collections on the GamyFi platform. Thus, the Evoluzion metaverse is going to be present on the GamyFi platform and the Evolutionist Characters will also be heroes in this gaming ecosystem. Until the GamyFi — Elrond integration is going to be fully achieved, the NFT bridge developed by XP Network team will be a main prerequisite to deliver on these goals.

“The GamyFi platform is an entertaining and innovative gaming ecosystem that manages to bridge NFT words into this fantasy universe. For Evoluzion Life this will be an interactive way to compete and to utilize the characters in unique challenges. ” said Evoluzion Champ, Head of Business and Strategy

To introduce the GamyFi community in the Evoluzion ecosystem: the collaboration consists also of a seizable campagne, aiming to attract sight and awareness over this authentic use case of bringing a virtual world and characters in a fantasy game universe.

“Glad to welcome Evoluzion Life on our gaming platform. GamyFi is about enabling a player driven ecosystem and bridging our users’ favorite words into our fantasy universe, creating a supply chain of utility, value and entertainment.” said Satya Prakash Jena, GamyFi Head of Operations.

About Evoluzion.Life

Evoluzion.Life is a next level NFT collection bridging Art and Tech. It offers the Evolutionist title, associated visionary traits, all together with perks and advantages across the vast Evoluzion universe. It represents not only the avatar but also the lifestyle of a like-minded group keen on evolving, delivering and improving. A dream being delivered in real time with an expanding roadmap and tremendous goals to attain: Together- we evolve.


GamyFi is an E-Sports and Gaming Ecosystem containing a Fantasy sports app, NFT Battle Royale and NFT marketplace. GamyFi aims to be the global platform where users can interact with games and people from anywhere will be able to play without any boundaries or restrictions.